Bakasana Yoga (crow pose)

Shirshasana Yoga (Headstand pose)
Shirshasana Yoga (Headstand pose)
October 19, 2020
Bakasana yoga or crow pose or crane pose is an arm balancing posture and is meant for intermediate yoga practitioners. It challenges your core and helps to develop a sense of balance and coordination. The key to perfection in bakasana is to balance the centre of your gravity on the arms.

Steps of Bakasana Yoga (crow pose)

Breathing normally, place the hands in front of the knees on the floor with fingers pointing forward.
Raise the buttocks up high, tuck the toes under and bend the elbows slightly.
Place the knees on the upper arms as close as possible to the elbows. Tilt the head slightly back.
Slowly bend forward and transfer the bodyweight forward until feet lift from the floor.
Bring the heels towards the buttocks and balance the body's weight on the arms. Maintain this position for as long as possible. At Least for 30 seconds and breath normally in this position.
Then slowly return back to normal position. Down your legs to the floor slowly.

Benefits of Bakasana Yoga (crow pose)

Strengthening your core muscles.
Strengthen the arms and the shoulders with balance.
Improves coordination with mind, body, and breath for better balance.
Strengthens the hips and the gluteus maximus muscles.
Helpful in relieving depression.
Lifts blood pressure and promotes spiritual balance.

Precautions of Bakasana Yoga (crow pose)

Avoid this pose if any injury in hip knees wrists and shoulders.
Avoid this pose in migraine or headache.
Do not practice this asana if you have cervical or spondylitis.
Avoid this pose in high blood pressure.
Not to be done by women in pregnancy or during their menstrual cycle.
Practice under the supervision of an expert teacher or advice.