Trikonasana yoga (Triangle pose)

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October 14, 2020
Tadasana yoga
Tadasana yoga (Mountain pose)
October 14, 2020
Triangle pose
This asana strengthens your lower limbs and is beneficial for pregnant women

Steps Trikonasana yoga (Triangle pose)

Stand straight and keep a gap of 2.5 - 3 feet between your legs.
While inhaling lift your arms parallel to the ground, palm facing downwards.
Now hold your breath and twist your left foot 90degrees outward.
Now bend at the left side while exhaling and keep your left palm on your left toe.
Your right hand facing towards the ceiling, also turn your head towards the ceiling.
Both your hands should be in a straight line. Parallel to each other.
Take the support of the wall or your friend if required.
Stay in this position for 10- 20seconds.
Then inhale the back starting position.
Repeat the same with your right leg.
Do at least 3sets daily.

Benefits Trikonasana yoga (Triangle pose)

Strengthening your lower limbs. Especially knee joints, calf muscles, and ankle joints.
Provide strength to arms and chest.
Helpful in stretching hips and arms.
Improve concentration and balance of the body.
Reduce side fat.

Precautions Trikonasana yoga (Triangle pose)

Not in migraine and headache.
Don't practice in diarrhoea.
Don't practice in back or neck injuries.
Practice under supervision. Consult your doctor before practicing this asana.