Uttanpadasana yoga (Leg-raise yoga pose)

Shirshasana Yoga (Headstand pose)
Shirshasana Yoga (Headstand pose)
October 19, 2020
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October 14, 2020
Raised leg pose is beneficial for a flat tummy. It is good for strengthening the abdominal muscles. People for a flat stomach and for strong abs love this yoga.

Steps of Uttanpadasana yoga (Leg-raised yoga pose)

Lie flat on your back in a savasana relaxing pose and breath normally a few times.
Then bring your legs close to each other and keep your hands straight and close to your body, keep your ankle outwards.
Then while inhaling move your ankle inwards, hold for 5seconds.
Then while exhaling move your ankle outwards and lift your leg up to 7-8 inches.
Hold your breath and hold into this position as long as you can.
Then down your legs, then move your ankle inwards while inhaling.
Repeat this step 20 times daily.

Benefits of Uttanpadasana yoga (Leg-raised yoga pose)

Cures stomach disorders like acidity, indigestion, and constipation
Strengthens the abdominal organs.
Strengthens the back and hip and thigh muscles.
Helpful for those suffering from gas problems, acidity, arthritis pain, heart problems, and waist pain.
Cures back pain.
Helps to tone the stomach muscles.
Helpful for losing weight.
Good for diabetes patients.
Improve the function of digestive systems.
Remove gases from the intestine.
Good for increasing blood circulation around the body.
Help to reduce weight in the abdomen area, thighs, and hips.
Excellent for 6 packs abs.
Improve the function of reproductive organs.

Precautions of Uttanpadasana yoga (Leg-raised yoga pose)

Pregnant women should avoid Uttanpadasana.
Avoid if you have high blood pressure, spondylitis, ulcer, or abdominal surgery.
Should not practice in days of periods. But if you are comfortable doing this then there is no problem.
Should be practiced under expert guidance.