Vriksha asana yoga (Tree pose)

Tadasana yoga
Tadasana yoga (Mountain pose)
October 14, 2020
Vrikshasana is also known as tree pose as vriksha means tree and asan means pose. The practice of Vrikshasana is good at growing age, stretches your spine, arms, legs, and increases height. Here are steps, benefits, and precautions for vrikshasana:

Steps Vrikshasana Yoga(Tree Pose)

Stand straight in vishramasan(stand at ease) pose with an erect spine.
Always start with left legs.
Now bend your left knee and place your left foot on your right thigh close to the anus as much as possible as shown in the above image.
Keep the left leg parallel to the body and right leg straight and try to balance this position.
Now raise both your arms from the side, while inhaling slowly and bring your palms together in the namaskar mudra above your head.
Hold this position for a few seconds as long you can hold your breath.
Concentrate on a particular object in front of you.
Now while exhaling slowly bring down your arms from side to side in front of your legs. Then bring down your left leg slowly.
Use your hands to put your foot in position.
Now repeat this cycle by bending the right leg.
Practice tree poses for 4-5 sets daily.

Benefits of Vrikshasana yoga(Tree Pose)

Improves concentration
Stamina growth
Improves balance and posture
Effective to increase the height
Stretches your spine, arms, buttocks, and legs
Calms the mind and body
Relieves sciatica.

Precautions of Vrikshasana yoga(Tree Pose)

Those who are suffering from a headache, migraine, insomnia, low or high blood pressure should not practice.
Those who have hip injury should not practice this pose.
Must practice under the supervision of a teacher.
Can be problematic if you avoid and practice this pose.