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Creature like arms, tail, and an extended torso make the Water Bug an irresistible snack to these small species. Fish the Water Bug on a small jig,

Lunkerhunt Water Bug 1 1/2 inch Soft Plastic Panfish Creature Bait 12 pack

Lunkerhut Lunker Stick Bait - With its wide range of uses, Lunker Stick style baits have quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. As versatile as they are productive, Lunker Sticks feature a 5 inch long salt impregnated body. Lunker Sticks have a steady sink rate that is fast enough to allow anglers to cover water but slow enough to create a subtle fish triggering flutter action on the fall.

Lunkerhunt LHPSTS5051 Lunker Sticks-Tiger

Lunkerhunt Bluegill Freshwater Fishing Baits, Lures & Flies for

Lunkerhunt Lunker Sticks 5 inch Soft Plastic Stickbait 10 pack

Insect Topwater Fishing Baits, Lures for sale

Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug Amber

LUNKERHUNT Topwater Fishing Lures Kit (3-Pack

Features: The Lunkerhunt Fish Bone Bait Jar is a 1/3 ounce (~9 grams) jar of attractant-soaked micro plastic baits. Baits are 1 1/2 inches long and have a baitfish profile with small paddle tail. Great for panfish, trout, and ice fishing. Re-sealable jar and will not dry out, infused with Lunkerhunt's proprietary Lunker Attractant. Available in 3 colors, approximately 20 baits per jar. The Lunkerhunt Fish Bone Bait Jar is a 1/3 ounce (~9 grams) jar of micro plastic baits.

Lunkerhunt Fish Bone Bait Jar Fast Fish

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