COREFX Covered Battle Rope

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The COREFX Battle Ropes are a simple tool that virtually anyone can use to get a full body, dynamic workout in. While you can’t change the weight of the rope, you can adapt the speed, intensity and duration of your rope workout. Start slowly and work your way up once your fitness improves. Whether you are a beginner or a gym shark, the Battle Rope is suitable for you! The COREFX Battle Rope is a powerful choice for CrossFit trainers, general fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes.

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COREFX Covered Battle Rope

Battle Rope – Corefx

COREFX Thin Grip Speed Rope

PRx Battle Rope Storage – Gym Concepts

COREFX Covered Battle Rope

CoreFX Braided Battle Rope, 30 Feet – Tower Fitness Equipment

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CoreFX 50 Foot Covered Battle Rope – AKFIT Fitness Specialty Store

Your workout just got more effective, efficient, and fun with this Braided Battle Rope! The ideal combination of fun and fitness, our Braided Battle Rope will fill the space between your favorite exercises! The battle rope is an awesome training tool designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, and dramatically improve your total-body strength.

COREFX Braided Battle Rope – 50ft

COREFX, Braided Battle Rope Conditioning Tools

PFS Power Training Battle Rope 30′ x 1.5″ - Physique Fitness Stores

Imagine an ergonomic rope that is more durable, doubles the performance, and lasts longer. Well, here it is! With a new design and a rope that performs better than the rest, you will be the talk of the gym. Our Double Under Speed Rope is designed to match your workout, not get in the way of it.

COREFX Double Under Speed Rope

CoreFX Covered Battle Rope - xHockeyProducts Canada

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