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Motion Minnow Swimbait Fishing Lure, Slow Sinking

WildEye Swim Shad is made of the highest quality materials, engineered to help anglers catch more fish., Features:, Rigged with mustad hook and it is

Fishing Jig Swim Shad Lures, 6Pcs Soft Fishing Lures Swim Baits with Sharp Hook for Bass Swimbaits with Tail for Saltwater Freshwaterer Trout Pike

Providing high performance, versatility, and user-friendly functionality, the new KGB Chad Shad 180 is designed with experience to deliver the performance of a custom hand-built bait. Anglers can enjoy absolute control of depth and direction in everything from wide glides to choppy cuts. Beginner or pro, this bait does the work on its own, so a beginner can have a high precision bait from the get-go, or a pro can use this as their secret weapon to snag a big bag for the weigh-in.

Spro KGB Chad Shad 180 Threadfin

Spro KGB Chad Shad Swimbait

Storm WildEye Swim Bait/suspending Shad Pearl 3” 6 Pack

The Z-Man HerculeZ is ideal for big fish applications in salt and freshwater. Featuring a curved paddetail this swimbait has a natural appearance and swim action. The Herculez 10X Tough ElaZtech composition means you'll fish this exceptional pre-rigged swimbait for miles and dozens of big bites, long before you wave the white flag. Heavy duty 5/0 or 7/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks in 4 or 5 bait sizes. The HerculeZ Jighead also includes a ventral eyelet for adding a second belly hook.

Z-Man HerculeZ Swimbait · 4 in · Bad Shad

Fish SpeciesAll Freshwater, All Saltwater, Pike Perch, Trout, Bass. Bait TypeSwimbait. Bait ShapeFish. Colorful body can make it easy to catch fish.

6pcs/Pack Soft Lure Dark Sleeper Swimbaits Pike Lures Bass Shad for Perch Trout

Shepard Shad 2.0 Crankbait River 3 Pack - WOW Factor Fishing

Mike Bucca's Baby Bullshad is a fresh, downsized ABS plastic version of Mike's legendary resin poured bait. All the fish-catching characteristics of

Catch Co. Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad Swimbait

The 6th Sense Fishing The Draw Glide Bait 6.5 can be worked with a consistent medium retrieve, and depending on your preference, you can activate a wide gliding motion or use different reel cadences for a more responsive, fast-twitching action. The Draw is equipped with swivel hook hangers, so your hooks move with the fish to eliminate a big bass from getting leverage to throw your bait. Designed with realism in mind, this bait is outfitted with realistic 3D details and premium paint schemes.

6th Sense The Draw Glide Bait Shad Sense

Mino Fish Road Ya Bicolor Multi Fish Soft Bait Multicolor Multi Size Scissors Fish Tail False Bait Soft Bait (mixed Packaging), Features:, Special

Paddle Tail Swimbaits, Soft Plastic Fishing Lures for Bass Fishing, Swim Shad Bait Minnow Lures Drop Shot Fishing Lures Plastic Baits

HENGJIA Soft Lure Set Back For Artificial Fishing 52g Japan Shad Worm Swimbaits Jig Head Fly Fishing With Silicon Rubber From Windlg, $54.78

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