Sufix Elite Monofilament Line Clear 330 Yds

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Sufix Elite Monofilament Fishing Line 6 lb. Clear - 330 Yds

Sufix Siege 662-114CA Monofilament Fishing Line Camo 14lb 330yds

Sufix Elite 20lb Line Up to $7.20 Off Free Shipping over $49!

Sufix Elite has unbeatable strength and easy handling. Superior tensile and knot strength due to Micro Resin Technology. It handles better and casts

Sufix 661-312 Elite Monifilament Fishing Line 12 lb 3000 Yards Clear

Sufix Siege 330 Yard Monofilament Fishing Line - 4 Lb. - Clear

Sufix Elite Monofilament Fishing Line 4lb Clear 330Yds

The Sufix 50 Yard Advance Ice Fluorocarbon Fishing Line features Proprietary Gel Phase Technology that produces the ultimate fluorocarbon ice line in performance, clarity and super-sensitivity. Its water repellent design reduces line freeze and has incredible shock absorption and knot strength. It is virtually invisible underwater and can withstand harsh elements.

Sufix 6 lb Clear Advance Ice Fluorocarbon Line


Sufix Elite Fishing Line (330 Yds) : Target

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